I write in order to collect my thoughts. One of my biggest fears in life is that my brain will, one day, be in a state of such degradation that any continuity of thought will be impossible. I don’t write for accolades, although they would be nice. I don’t know what awards they give out for slightly sarcastic text written by literary wannabes, but I don’t mind if they give me one.

English is not my first language and maybe that’s why I try to use as many big words as I can. You know, to be inconspicuous.

I’m not educated in psychology, anthropology or behavioural studies, but I like to read about this stuff and, most of all, see how it all fits in everyday life. I don’t claim to be right, I just try to apply common sense to the world and see what comes out of it. In my head it all makes sense, but I have no guarantees that it will for anyone else.